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    Global Doctor is an IVF concierge platform under Angels Creation Reproductive Center hereafter referred to as ACRC. ACRC is a surrogacy and egg donation full services agency located in Irvine, California, United States.


    In the past years, we have been working with multiple clinics across the US, Uk, Japan, and Taiwan. And served hundreds of families from all over the world. Comparing with other medical platforms, we are not just providing the clinics' information but we do have real work experience with them. So that we could customize your treatment resolution based on your status and the doctor's protocol.

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  • About IVF Concierge Service

    IVF concierge service is an advanced service for the intended parents who are struggling with infertility or planning to conceive a baby via surrogacy. You may do a lot of research online to find a good doctor for you, but still, feel confused. Because you have never work with that doctor and the data will not tell you if that doctor is really good for you and how is their team performing.


    Especially for the intended parents who are using surrogacy, the IVF part is very delicate and needs multiple parties to be involved. A professional IVF team will make the egg retrieval and embryo transfer smoothly.


    We share our real work experience with the doctors and the clinics for you. Based on your physical condition, medical treatment preference, and timelines to introduce the good-fit doctor and clinic for you to save your time and energy on research and provide better success opportunities.

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